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Go Everywhere!

Go Everywhere!
Go Everywhere.png
Operating Systems Any device with an HTML5 web browser
Purpose for creation To allow Scratch on portable devices
Developer(s) Lots
Open source? Yes
Programming language JavaScript, HTML and CSS
Released? Still in development
Archived Forum Topic
2.0 Forum Topic
Active Yes
Open Source Repository

Go Everywhere! is a Scratch Extension started by comp500. He and his team are trying to develop something that almost everyone has dreamt of: Scratch on portable devices. He has a team of testers, advertisers, hosters, and graphic designers along with his development team.

In the past year or so, comp500 stopped developing Go Everywhere! due to his inactivity, then handed development to GP1 and Pitusky12. They and some other developers are trying to start development again on the new forum topic. comp500 stated when he was more active that he could still help.[citation needed]

Changes from Scratch

Unlike Scratch, Go Everywhere! uses JavaScript instead of Flash. Also, the layout will be different to fit smaller screens. Here are some mockups:

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