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This article is about the project statistic. For the row on the Front Page with "love" in its name, see What the Community is Loving.
The love-it button.
The old love-it button.

A love-it is what a user can give a project if they enjoy it. Love-its are given by clicking the love-it button under the Online Player.

Rather than a rating system, Scratch uses love-its and favorites. Only one love-it can be given by each user, although it is possible for one person to give more than one love-it (see bottom).

The most recent projects that have the most love-its are displayed on the Front Page in the What the Community is Loving section.



Love-its are given to a project when a user likes a project. If the user likes that project very much, a favorite is sometimes given as well. People rarely give favorites without loving the project.[1]

Love-its are sometimes used so when a user gets a certain amount of love-its they will add more to their project, or make a sequel.


While the love-it system generally works well, some people use it as "currency," and only give something if they have a love-it on a project.[citation needed] Large amounts of love-its are sometimes given as prizes for unofficial contests. Some users also just give away "free love-its" instead of only loving what they enjoy.

Also, some people who have multiple alternate accounts can love a project one time per account; this means that one person can love a project several times with enough accounts.

April Fools' Day 2014

Main article: April Fools' Day
The new paw symbol.

On the April Fools' Day of 2014, the love-it symbol was replaced with a paw. This was meant to go along with the April Fools' Day theme of LOLCATZ.



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