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Made by Scratchers, for Scratchers.
1,001 articles created since December 6, 2008
February 10, 2016 — 1,000 Articles
There are now 1,000 articles on the Scratch Wiki!
February 8, 2016 — Novakitty as Scratch Curator
Novakitty has been chosen as the one-hundred-eighty-eighth curator on the Front Page. Feel free to congratulate Novakitty on his/her profile!
February 1, 2016 — Election nominations open
We are now accepting nominations for the February 2016 Scratch Wiki elections. If you wish to run in the election, please nominate yourself. Nominations will be open until further notice.
February 1, 2016 — nklvguko as Scratch Curator
nklvguko has been chosen as the one-hundred-eighty-seventh curator on the Front Page. Feel free to congratulate nklvguko on his/her profile!
January 29, 2016 — Scratch Update
Scratch has been updated! One new feature is the magic wand tool. Click here to read the update.

Move () Steps
Move () Steps.png
An example of a motion block.
Semicolon Glitch
Semicolon Return.png
A glitch on the Scratch website.
404 Error
Scratch Website 404.png
A page displayed when the requested URL is not found.

Presentation Mode Larger Screenshot.png
Presentation Mode (also called full screen mode) is the full screen player in Scratch 1.4. It is accessed by pressing the button on the top right of the Scratch program.


The Scratch Wiki is a free, collaboratively-written wiki that provides information about the Scratch programming language and its website, history, and phenomena surrounding it. The wiki is supported by the Scratch Team, but is primarily written by Scratchers. The Scratch Wiki is a popular source of information for scripts and tutorials, and it continues to grow as Scratchers use it as their primary source of information.

For German-speakers, there is the DACH-Scratch Wiki, available here. It is run separately from the English wiki. It currently has over 520 articles. There are also other, smaller wikis.


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