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This article or section documents the current version of Scratch (version 2.0). For this article in Scratch 1.4, see Shift Secrets (1.4).

Scratch 2.0 has many hidden features dealing with clicking on a specific object or screen region while holding down the shift key. Typically, shift-clicking secrets are used to hide advanced features that would confuse a beginner who is new to Scratch.

File Menu

The offline and online editor have slightly different hidden options when shift-clicking the "File" menu. In the online editor, the option Save Project Summary Appears. However, shift-clicking in the offline editor, another option appears: "Import Experimental Extension."

Edit Menu

The shift-click accessible Edit menu options.

In the online editor, shift-clicking the Edit menu at the top of the program opens many options, including the Motor Blocks. The following contains all the options, including the normal ones:

Turbo Mode

Shift-clicking the green flag runs the project in turbo mode, which runs the project extremely fast, having minimal to no wait between blocks. This is useful for solving large mathematical operations or running a 3D engine smoothly.


By shift-clicking a list, a small menu of options appears. The list can be directly shown/hidden without the use of blocks or the check box. Furthermore, the list can be exported, or saved to one's computer, as a .txt file. Lastly, the option to import a .txt file is available, replacing the list's contents with the file. These options can also be found by right-clicking the list.


Deleting a sprite with the "scissors" tool.

The top bar of the Scratch program contains a "scissors" tool, in which, after selected, one can click on any sprite or its icon to delete it. However, after performing that operation typically, the scissors tool must be selected to delete another sprite. As an alternative to the repetitively selecting the tool, one can hold down the shift key to delete multiple sprites without the tool exiting and requiring selection again.


When importing a new sprite, the shift key can be held down to import multiple sprites. Clicking on a selected sprite will deselect it, and vice versa. The same is true when importing costumes. Furthermore, when using the stamper to duplicate sprite, holding down the shift key allows one to repetitively duplicate sprites without the tool closing.

Paint Editor

The paint editor itself has multiple features using the shift key.

Duplicate Tool

When using the "duplicate tool" (stamper) in the vector editor, holding down the shift key while stamping allows one to continuously stamp the same object without the need to re-select it.

Spline Manipulation

The Scratch 2.0 vector editor uses splines (control points) to store information on an image instead of a bitmap's array of pixels. When modifying these splines with the reshape tool, one can shift-click on a spline to disconnect that point from the object (split it at the location). Additionally, shift-clicking between two splines creates a new spline which has a smooth bend and curvature relative to the two adjacent splines.

Perfect Shapes

When drawing a rectangle, holding down the shift key makes it a square, with each side the same length. When drawing an oval, holding down the shift key makes it a perfect circle. This feature can be useful for drawing exact, unifying shapes, and for demonstrative purposes in a mathematical tutorial project. You can also hold the shift key when drawing lines to make them perfectly straight.

Sound Editor

In the sound editor, cropping sounds can be accomplished easier by highlighting the area you want to keep and deleting the rest of the file. When a sound section is highlighted, one can hit shift-delete or shift-backspace to keep the highlighted section and remove the rest of the sound, cropping it to the desired section.

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