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The Scratch Team (often abbreviated ST) is the group of people who work on Scratch that develop the Scratch program and moderate the Scratch website.

Joining the Scratch Team

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In order to join the Scratch Team, it's same as a job. You have to be 18 years old, commute to MIT Media Lab located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (for some jobs), and be skilled at the part you want to work at (programming, moderating, etc).


There are many members of the Scratch Team, including the following:[1]

  • Abdulrahman Idlbi (adlogi)
  • Andrew Fader (andrevan)
  • Anne C. Feldman (Kibii)
  • Carl Bowman (designerd)
  • Champika Fernando (Champ99)
  • Christan Balch (ceebee)
  • Chinua Shaw (Chinuaearl)
  • Chris Willis-Ford (cwillisf)
  • Eric Schilling (speakvisually)
  • Gaia Carini (carinig)
  • Joren Lauwers (JSO)
  • Kasia Chmielinski (petrichord)
  • Matthew Taylor (mewtaylor)
  • Michelle Chung (mchung)
  • Mitchel Resnick (mres)
  • Natalie Rusk (natalie)
  • Ray Schamp (raimondious)
  • Ricarose Roque (ricarose)
  • Sayamindu Dasgupta (sdg1)
  • Shane M. Clements (grokblah)
  • Tim Mickel (tmmit)
  • Andrew Sliwinski (thisandagain)
  • Juanita Buitrago (jbuitrago0510)
  • Saskia Leggett (Sleggs)
  • Carmelo Presicce (tarmelop)
  • [?] (RjLance)
  • [?] (chrisg)
  • [?] (codubee)

These people in the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab worked "in an interactive, iterative, loosely-organized style, with each team member contributing to many different parts of the project (Scratch), whether it be the online platform, site, or the program itself."[1]

  • Brian Silverman (brians)
  • Linda Garmon
  • Paula Bontá (pico)

These people of the Playful Invention Company "contributed to design, development, and exploration of new directions."[1] They also help moderate the website.

  • Andrea Saxman (pteropus)
  • Annie Whitehouse (achouse)
  • Christina Huang (AgentPineapple)
  • Dalton Miner (Harakou)
  • Franchette Viloria (cheddargirl)
  • Jolie Castellucci (FredDog)
  • Mark Goff (Paddle2See)
  • Megan Haddadi (haddadi)
  • Sarah Otts (scmb1)

These people help coordinate the Scratch online community.[1]

Also, Yasmin Kafai (Univ. of Pennsylvania) and her research group conduct research studies with Scratch.[1]

Previous Members

These are people who were previously part of the Scratch Team, but have retired and moved onto other projects.

  • Amon Millner
  • Amos Blanton (Lightnin)
  • Andrés Monroy-Hernández (andresmh)
  • Eric Rosenbaum (ericr)
  • Jay Silver (jay)
  • Jens Moenig [2] (Jens)
  • John Maloney (johnm
  • Karen Brennan (karenb)
  • Tian Mi (taranir)
  • Tony Hwang
  • Ian Reynolds (fullmoon)
  • [?] (Glench)

Identifying Members

An asterisk next to a Scratch Team Member's name.

Members of the Scratch Team on the Scratch Website can be identified by the asterisk (*) next to their username.[3] In the Scratch Forums, the words "Scratch Team" appear underneath the profile picture of what the member posted.

Contacting the Scratch Team

You can contact the Scratch Team through the Contact Us form found at the bottom of every page. Contact Us is for more private or serious concerns, which shouldn't be posted publicly. For less serious concerns, or if you just want to say hi, you can use a Scratch Team member's profile page.

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