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861 articles since created on December 6, 2008
Scratch News
August 19, 2014 — xOnic as Scratch Curator
xOnic has been chosen as the one-hundred-thirty-seventh curator on the Front Page. Feel free to congratulate xOnic on his/her profile!
August 06, 2014 — CrazyNimbus as Scratch Curator
CrazyNimbus has been chosen as the one-hundred-thirty-sixth curator on the Front Page. Feel free to congratulate CrazyNimbus on his/her profile!
August 01, 2014 — New Scratch Design Studio — Create with these Characters
The Scratch Team has released a new Scratch Design Studio! Its description states:
During the past few weeks, Creative Character Camp campers have been working on sprites for everyone to use!
July 30, 2014 — ScratchJr for iPad released
ScratchJr, a Scratch-like language designed for younger children (aged 5-7), has been released for iPad tablets.
July 21, 2014 — Masquerola as Scratch Curator
Masquerola has been chosen as the one-hundred-thirty-fifth curator on the Front Page. Feel free to congratulate Masquerola on his/her profile!
Featured Article

The Scratch Terms of Use, officially declared and made public on June 4, 2014, are different from the Community Guidelines and state firmly more specific and legal terms of use. The terms of use refer to the Scratch program and website and state the behavior expected from Scratchers, any rules unclear by the Community Guidelines, and issues related to what can be done with the Scratch program both legally and to projects uploaded to the Scratch website. The actual Scratch Terms of Use can be viewed here. Read more...

Featured Images
Lifelong Kindergarten Group Scratch 1.0
LLK Logo.png 1.0.png
The logo of the LLK, the group behind Scratch. The user interface of Scratch 1.0, from early 2007.
The Scratch Wiki
The Scratch Wiki is a free, collaboratively-written wiki that provides information about the Scratch programming language and its website, history, and phenomena surrounding it. The wiki is supported by the Scratch Team, but is primarily written by Scratchers. The Scratch Wiki is a popular source of information for scripts and tutorials, and it continues to grow as Scratchers use it as their primary source of information.

For German-speakers, there is the DACH-Scratch Wiki, available here. It is run separately from the English wiki. It currently has over 300 articles.

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