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Collab Camp

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This sidebar was shown on the Front Page during Collab Camp 2012.

Collab Camp was the second collaboration event on the Scratch Website (after the Collab Challenge).


The challenge for the 2011 Collab Camp was to make an interactive story. The Collab groups had to have a project draft submitted by August 15 and a final draft submitted by September 1.


On August 13, there was a meetup at the MIT Media Lab for Scratchers participating in Collab Camp.

Join us at the MIT Media Lab for a Collab Camp Meetup. At this free meetup, open to all Scratchers and parents participating in the Collab Camp, you can:
  • Meet and connect with other Collab Campers
  • Share your collab's latest Camp project and get feedback
  • Work together on new ideas for your project

– Scratch Team, [1]


The theme for the 2012 Collab Camp was Music Mashups, announced on February 8, 2012. The collab groups had to share their initial drafts by March 11, and the final version March 31.


A Collab Counselor's forum rank.

Collab Camp includes counselors — these users, chosen by the Scratch Team, are there to help answer questions, provide feedback, and support the camp. The users chosen in 2011 were (in alphabetical order):

  • Chrischb
  • Jonathanpb
  • lilacfuzz101
  • Paddle2See (not given the forum rank due to his existing status of member of Scratch Team)
  • scmb1
  • silvershine
  • stareyes
  • wb174

The users chosen in 2012 were (in alphabetical order):

  • Chrischb
  • CoolerThanIce
  • Dinoclor
  • Jonathanpb
  • justjess678
  • lilacfuzz101
  • NeilWest
  • scmb1
  • silvershine


A special forum was created for each event. It was similar to the regular Collaboration forum, but only for Collab Camp events.

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