Fame is usually a term used to describe a Scratcher who fulfills certain conditions of notability, including those listed below. Fame itself is a controversial subject, with conditions varying from person to person. Some people have opinions that fame destroys the point of Scratch, which is educating people (notably programming), being creative, and friendly. But scratch is not only about fame. It should be noted that there are no real conditions to be famous. Fame is simply a word used to describe a Scratcher, who, in the user's opinion, is famous.

Example conditions of fame

Warning Note: There are no real conditions for fame, this is just an example, different users may have different opinions
  • High number of followers (the number differs)
  • Many favorites, love-its, views, and remixes on projects.
  • Seen reaching the Front Page frequently (sometimes even one thing from a Scratcher on the Front Page can cause Fame, such as being in Front Page Curator)
  • Mentioned frequently or regularly by other Scratchers
  • Known by a high number of the member of the Scratch community
  • A project has been seen commonly in other media (like news)
  • Is on other sites (commonly YouTube and Social Media)
  • Has lots of friends on the Scratch Community
  • Is seen posting on many threads in the Scratch Discussion Forums

Causes of fame

There is no exact recipe for fame; however, there are some ways that users frequently become well-known.


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Fame is highly controversial and discouraged by most Scratchers as it makes Scratchers look beyond Scratch's educational purpose and treat the site as a social networking site.[1] Some users have suggested to remove features that are responsible for fame, such as followers.[2] Fame isn't the main goal of Scratch, instead Scratchers should focus on making friends, and having fun. Some Scratchers get too caught up with earning more fame.[citation needed] Also, fame is one of the common reasons for quitting.[citation needed] Many users have pretended to quit Scratch as a popularity stunt.[citation needed]

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