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1,060 articles created since December 6, 2008
January 16, 2017 — -Splattered- as Scratch Curator
-Splattered- has been chosen as the two-hundred-and-thirty-seventh curator on the Front Page. Feel free to congratulate -Splattered- on their profile!
January 9, 2017 — Studio42 as Scratch Curator
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January 4, 2017 — New Scratch Design Studio — Scratch 101
The Scratch Team has released a new Scratch Design Studio! Its description states:
Welcome to Scratch 101, a Scratch Design Studio where you can view and submit tutorials to help others learn about something you are interested in!
January 2, 2017 — Bobirt as Scratch Curator
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December 26, 2016 — LyricalGalaxy as Scratch Curator
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Custom Blocks
Add input to procedure.png
Adding an input to a custom block.
Tips Window
Tips window.png
The tips window that shows in the Scratch editor.
Sprite Library
The Sprite Library.

Cloning is a feature that allows a sprite to create a clone, or semi-duplicate, of itself, while the project is running. This can be useful in tower defense games, for example, for a wave of objects.


The Scratch Wiki is a free, collaboratively-written wiki that provides information about the Scratch programming language and its website, history, and phenomena surrounding it. The wiki is supported by the Scratch Team, but is primarily written by Scratchers. The Scratch Wiki is a popular source of information for scripts and tutorials, and it continues to grow as Scratchers use it as their primary source of information.

For German-speakers, there is the DACH-Scratch Wiki, available here. It is run separately from the English wiki. It currently has over 520 articles. There are also other, smaller wikis.


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