Project Tags

This article or section documents the current version of Scratch (version 2.0). For this article in Scratch 1.4, see Project Tags (1.4).
The tags bar on a project's page on the Scratch Website.
Project Tags are labels to help categorize projects shared on the Scratch Website. Users can post a maximum of three tags on each project, and one can only post a tag on their own project.

Website Tags

Website Tags

On the Explore tab, the tabs named "Animations", "Art", "Games", "Music", "Stories" and "Tutorials" list projects tagged with that phrase.

Tags are used to categorize projects. They are listed on the project page, to the bottom and right of the project player. Only the creator can add tags or remove tags as seen fit. When adding tags to a project, Scratch suggests "Animations", "Art", "Games, "Music", "Simulations", "Stories", and "Tutorials". Other common tags include a Scratcher's username, "lol", the title of the project or series, and phrases.[1]

Searching for Tags

Archive.png This article or section documents a feature not included in the current version of Scratch (2.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.
The search by tag feature of the Explore page.

To search for tags, go to the Explore page and type the tag you're searching for beside the word "tag" Press "go" when done. This will display a list of projects with a tag that matches what was searched for. This feature was removed on July 8, 2016.[2]

Guide to Tagging

It is important to tag a project so that it can be found, however you must learn how to tag the responsible way. You can put up to three tags on a project, so it is also important to make each count. Here are some general tips on tagging:

  • Associate tags with aspects in a project. (If a project has a Pokémon, for example, tag it with Pokémon)
  • Only tag with what is in your project.
  • Try to avoid tagging minor features of your project.

Warning Tip: Think to yourself, "What does my project contain? What is my project's type?"


A problem with tagging is some users will tag projects with irrelevant tags, making it harder for Scratchers to find projects related to what they are looking for. Some people don't put any tags on their project, meaning it is hard for Scratchers to find it.

Tag Limitations

In Scratch 1.4, tag spam was a huge problem, so with the release of Scratch 2.0, the Scratch Team imposed a limit of three tags per project.[1] Another limitation on tags is that it cannot contain a space. Only the creator of the project can edit tags.

Many users want the limit of tags to be higher[3] and the ability to add spaces in tags.[4]


There's an unpatched bug that makes it possible to use spaces and some punctuation symbols on project tags by running the code below on the browser console.

$.ajax({type: "PUT",url: " ID/add/?names=Tag with spaces or punctuation."})

You can run that code on the project you want to add the tag to by right-clicking the page, clicking "Inspect", clicking "Console", and pasting the code with the project ID and the tag as you want. Make sure the project you chose doesn't already have 3 tags.

With this code it's possible to use spaces, dots, and any other punctuation that isn't a comma, quote or slash (, " /) on your project tags.

Other Uses

The word "tag" can also mean to get someone to remix a project, especially a meme.

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