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The Curated Projects section on the Scratch 2.0 Front Page.
The old row in 1.4.

The Projects Curated by () section on the Front Page shows the five most recent projects that were chosen by the latest curator. A curator (FPC) selects a project by favoriting it and is the curator for a week[1] (formerly two weeks). It is updated when a new curator takes over, or the current curator picks new projects. It sometimes takes a little while to update. On a rare occasion, the curator is inactive for a day, and the projects will be curated for two days instead of updating.

This row is currently the 3rd one from the top.

Very rarely, a user will have the same project selected to be curated twice.[citation needed] This often happens when a previous curator was inactive and could not curate their project, such as when the user AcousticGuy said their computer broke down and another Front Page Curator had to be selected.

Other Uses

When the Collab Challenge 2011 results were released, the user Collab-Challenge was chosen as curator and displayed the chosen projects in this row. Instead of the usual learn more link, it was replaced with a see more link to this studio. The same thing happened at the end of each Collab Camp.


This row will not show up on the front page if one of the five curated projects is NFE or is otherwise blocked from the front page.[2] This occurred on July 17, 2017 when MakeTheBrainHappy's project "Roman Government and Society" caused the bar to disappear[3] for about six hours until the then-curator 7snails removed the project from his favorites. However, this project later was curated by WolfCat67 on August 11, 2017 under the new name "Roman Society and Structure"[4].

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