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Scratch 1.1

Scratch 1.1
Release Date 1.1 — May 2007
Programming language Squeak
Download Official installers:
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Scratch 1.1 was the successor to Scratch 1.0. It was released in May 2007.[1]


Scratch 1.1 did not have a ton of improvements over 1.0, but did have a new block and some UI changes.


Scratch 1.1 only featured one new block: Repeat Until (). The Cap Block shape was introduced in this version. Example of the cap block shape:

stop script :: cap :: control

The experimental blocks from 1.0 are now accessed from the Shift-Click-R menu.


  • The menus were changed slightly in this version, mainly with the spacing between them.
  • Sprites can be imported
  • Sample Projects were redone
  • The "new cat sprite" button was removed.
  • Variables can be put in the Play Sound () and Play Sound () and Wait blocks
  • Costume, sound, and broadcast commands are no longer case-sensitive
  • A single sprite can now play multiple notes at once (i.e. chords) (previously, a sprite could play only one note at a time)
  • You can click to the left or right of the knob on a slider to change the number by a small amount
  • In the paint editor, the circle tool now drags out the circle from the top-left instead of the center
  • Tags can be added while sharing




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