Hey there. Obviously, my username is 290Scratcher and I am a sort of new wiki editor. I live in the United Kingdom and have been Scratching for over two years.

About me

Well I'm just someone who can't ever finish projects and instead acts like it's a social media site.[1] I'm usually on the main Scratch website (on my main) but I still check the wiki. I have over 15 accounts[2] and don't usually use a lot of them The only ones I really use are 290Scratcher (this one) and 291Scratcher (my test). My message record is 45 (because of that one unspoken project that gave me 25 of those). I joined Scratch on November 5th 2017 and joined the wiki on September 16th 2017.

Warning Warning: I'm annoying.


My favourites are...

  • Video game – VVVVVV (especially the level editor)
  • TV Show – Milo Murphy's Law
  • Colour – Blue
  • Creepypasta – None
  • Video game character – Chief Verdigris (from VVVVVV)
  • Animal – Platypus
  • Book – Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Getaway
  • Book series – Tom Gates
  • Song – I'm not sure
  • PartyThe flood party!


  1. At least that's my opinion.
  2. Am I the only person who thinks it's fun to make a ton of accounts?
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