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Watch Me Move!

A project using video sensing (created by Mitch Resnick, Scratch Team member).

Watch Me Move! is the name for video sensing in Scratch 2.0. It is similar to the Microsoft Kinect, but much simpler to use.

Video Blocks

There are 3 blocks related to video sensing.

Turn Video ()

Main article: Turn Video () (block)
turn video [on v]

This block can be accessed only by the Stage, in the Looks palette. It can turn the video on, off, or on-flipped (flipped horizontally).

Set Video Transparency to ()%

Main article: Set Video Transparency to ()% (block)
set video transparency to (50)%

This block, like Turn Video (), can only be accessed by the Stage, in the Looks palette. It can set the transparency of the webcam output. Setting it to 0 makes it completely opaque, and setting it to 100 makes it completely transparent.

Video () on ()

Main article: Video () on () (block)
(video [motion v] on [this sprite v])

This Reporter block can be accessed and used by any sprite, or the Stage. The first dropdown menu has options "motion" and "direction". The second contains a list of all the sprites.

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